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Sakav 2004Sakav 2004 has been the first issue and our effort to discuss the issues of environment & development in the region of Konkan. Through its articles and scholarly discussions brought forth, the need of resource development to the notice of policy makers and planners. In this issue an overall understanding about the linkage of environment & development has been discussed particularly for the coastal region. Many eminent people have contributed to the issue.

Mr. Kumar Ketkar Editor in chief of Loksatta discussed the concept of development in Konkan with reference to Mumbai and tried to link the global environmental issues with the local environemental issues. Dr. Raja Dandekar has been working with a voluntary organization in Konkan for educational and village development for last twenty five years and has shared his on the ground experiences and discussed various experiments.

The first edition of SAKAV was released in 2004 and AERF has released four editions of SAKAV since then. The first issue discussed the environment and development of the Konkan region. In 2005, topics covered issues and opportunities for agriculture in Konkan; impact of industrialization in this ecologically sensitive region was the central theme. The latest issue of SAKAV 2007 deals exclusively with water management issues in the Konkan region.
Sakav 2005

The theme for Sakav 2005 is “Agriculture in Konkan: opportunities and Issues”. The issue mainly addressed agricultural based issues of Konkan, device solutions for the development of the region and ways to maintain the valuable biodiversity with the development of agriculture.
Sakav 2006

The theme for Sakav 2006 is “Industrial development in Konkan and Environment”. Konkan has traditionally considered as the low potential zone for industrial development and considered as the region providing unskilled labors to other industrialized areas especially Mumbai. Sakav 2006 discussed the potential of the region for industrial development. The opportunities for industrialization in Konkan were restricted to the value addition and processing of horticultural produced like Cashew and Mango.
Sakav 2007

The 2007 edition of Sakav focuses on the “Water Management issues of the Konkan”. Acute water management problems prevails the green Konkan in spite of abundant Rainfall. The issue attempts to identify with this situation and comprehend the remedies and the misconception prevailing amongst the policymakers and planners.
Sakav 2008

In the 2008 issue Sakav addresses issues related to the Biodiversity in Konkan: opportunities and threats, realizing the rich biodiversity of the region and the Importance of Conservation issues in Konkan Region. In its new edition Sakav has included various articles by renowned scientist, conservation practitioners, journalists and organisations and individuals giving a new understanding of global warming as a reality and need to maintain the biodiversity as a mitigation measure which makes it imperative to conserve protect and manage biodiversity of Konkan. Sakav for the 2008 has been published and is now available in Marathi for Rs. 60/- at the mentioned address.
Sakav 2011

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