Applied Environmental Research Foundation

AERF has produced both popularistic and scientific literature on environment and conservation for a wide range of readers. It has published books, monographs, brochures and pamphlets to share information and concerns with the readers and update them about new initiatives taken by the organization in the field of conservation.

Sakav derives its name from a small bridge built during the monsoon season in western coastal Maharashtra. A Sakav is usually built using local materials and is an annual community activity.

True to its name, our annual Marathi magazine serves as a bridge between Environment and Development in the Konkan region. Sakav seeks to provide an interactive platform to organizations and individuals working across the Konkan region in the areas of rural development and conservation research. Sakav is now also available in English


The first Sakav issue was published in 2004; a year which marked the 10th anniversary of AERF. This issue carried articles on environment and development of the Konkan region, contributed by eminent figures like the editor-in-chief of Lokasatta, Mr. Kumar Ketkar; social worker Dr. Raja Dandekar; and others.

English Edition of Sakav

Sakav 2007 is available in English as well. To avail copies please contact AERF Office at the below mentioned Address.

Other Publications
Integrating Cultural & Biological Diversity into the Conservation of Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve

Dr. Archana Godbole, V. Anitha & U.M. Chandrashekhara

This is a published report of the collaborative work between AERF and the Kerala Forest Research Institute. The UNESCO funded study focused on biological and cultural diversity of the recently designated Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve and provided development and policy recommendations.
Other Publications Tradition of sacred groves and communities contribution in their conservation

Dr. Archana Godbole & Jayant Sarnaik

This monograph is the result of the authors’ 10 year long association with sacred groves of the north Western Ghats. The publication documents the results of a long-term study of the social and biological aspects of the traditional ‘sacred groves’ system of conservation.
Kokantil Devraya

Dr. Archana Godbole

Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) is working on Scared Groves (community conserve area) conservation in Kokan for last 14 years. As a part of it Dr. Archana Godbole received the prestigious “Whitely Associate Award”. To provide the information to stakeholders about the indigenous knowledge pool on Sacred Groves, AERF has published the Marathi booklet “Kokanatil Devrai” in 2008.
Other Publications
Himalayan medicinal plants and its conservation

This booklet illustrates the problems related to Medicinal plants over exploitation in Garhwal Himalayas. This booklet was prepared with the help of Plant life International. The booklet provides well laid out illustrations of the important plant parts and speaks impressively at length about the ecological and ethno botanical uses and importance of the Himalayan medicinal plants.
Other Publications Himalayan medicinal plants and its conservation

This booklet focuses on anthropogenic pressures over the rare medicinal plants. It provides crisp information about various rules and regulations regarding the collection of medicinal plants in India. It clearly illustrates the names of plants that are banned for collection and those that are not
Brochure regarding Community Resource Centers for medicinal plants

This brochure provides information on the newly inaugurated Medicinal Plants Resource Centre in Garhwal Himalayas.
Other Publications
Brochure on Moha tree and its use in biodiesel

This brochure explains the importance and process of producing Biodiesel from dried Mahua fruits
Other Publications Brochure on Pongamia tree and its use in biodiesel

The brochure explains the use of Pongamia seeds in producing Biodiesel
Brochure on Pongamia Oil extraction unit

The brochure was designed with the aim of spreading awareness about the opening up of the seed collection and oil expeller centre in Western Maharashtra
Other Publications
Brochure on Hornbill conservation

This brochure explains the importance of Hornbills as flag ship species that can help protect the sacred groves in Konkan. It gives a call to all those who have located hornbill nests in the region, to contact AERF field office.
Other Publications Brochure on Rare and endangered species in Konkan

This brochure explains about the importance of protecting and conserving the medicinal trees in Konkan.


To avail copies please contact AERF Office at the below mentioned

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